Why Green Plates?

The Environment Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that every year, the United States produces garbage that is equivalent to the weight of 700,000 humpback whales. A significant source of our garbage comes from the increasing usage of plastics and non-biodegradable materials to make everyday products such as plates, cups, bowls, etc. that are in common use everywhere. The few alternative products that are environment friendly and available in the market are expensive and not widely available.

We tend to create what we need without thinking about how we might be affecting our planet. One of many such creations, are the “use-and-throw” plates. A typical “use-and-throw” plate is made up of Plastic or Styrofoam. These materials are neither eco-friendly nor are they biodegradable. They materials do not decompose naturally compared to cleaner ecofriendly products that are directly from nature.

One typical question that people tend to ask when presented with an alternative is “Well, why not recycle the plastic and Styrofoam plates?” The answer is not quite so simple. Did you know that we destroy more trees than we plant across the world due to growing demands for paper? While recycling products may be slightly better than simply throwing out your plates, it is still not environment friendly. The process of recycling requires copious amounts of energy which has contributed to global warming and the dreaded carbon emissions that has increased in the last few decades.

The enhanced prices of biodegradable alternatives frequently push consumers to buy the low-priced non-biodegradable and environmentally hazardous ones. The market currently lacks biodegradable alternatives that are affordable, and provide consumers with price friendly alternatives to plastic wares.

The best alternative is our Green Plates which stands distinct and has stood the test of time over the centuries in India. Green Plates brings a variety of eco-friendly dinnerware made from naturally fallen palm leaves. No trees are cut, there is no deforestation and no chemical processes are utilized. Due to the natural composition of the leaves, there is no manufacturing or chemical process involved. The leaves are pressed into desired shapes to be used as dinnerware. Green Plates are made from natural leaves; they are completely biodegradable within forty-five days.